• Insurance Companies are in no rush to pay your claims.
  • Insurance Companies make money by investing premium payments and earning interest.
  • The longer they hold on to your money, the more interest they earn and more money they keep in their pockets!
  • Sometimes claimants become so frustrated with the automated phone systems, demanding claims processes, being placed on hold and listening to that ridiculous elevator music, they simply give up.
  • These tactics are designed to make you give up or accept a substantially smaller damage award than you deserve.
  • It’s amazing the lengths Insurance Companies will go to in order to deny your claim.
  • The more extensive the medical expenses are for personal injury claims, the more opportunities Insurance Adjusters see to deny them!
  • The Insurance Adjusters analyze every medical expense line-by-line and use extremely arbitrary reasoning to justify a denial for certain line items.
  • Adjusters will tell you the hospital or chiropractor injections, surgery, and/or other medical services you received were not medically necessary even when they absolutely are.
  • Their goal is not to worry about your long term injuries from an accident. Their goal is to cover only your short term expenses.
  • Our goal is to make sure you are healthy again and treated with appropriate medical care, and to make sure you are adequately compensated for the injuries, pain and suffering you endured.
  • Even if Insurance Companies present you with an offer for your injuries, they have no problem offering you far less than you deserve.
  • The less they pay you, the more money they make!
  • Insurance Companies are huge conglomerates that often control hundreds of millions or billions of dollars.
  • They make money by investing the funds they bring in through customer premiums.
  • Don’t take on the Insurance Company yourself, let a firm who knows the intricacies of Insurance Companies go to bat for you.
  • You can even the playing field and force the Insurance Companies to fight fair by retaining our law firm for your case.
  • We anticipate the Insurance Company’s next move step-by-step throughout the claims process to help you come out on top.


  • Rest assured that we work diligently on your behalf and attempt to secure all relevant information, including information such as medical records and police reports, on our own.
  • However, the more information you provide us with, the better.
  • Information helps us calculate and determine how much compensation you deserve and how to obtain that compensation quickly and efficiently.
  • Please provide us your contact information and that of a relative or close friend, so you can be reached if important matters arise during the course of your case. Telephone numbers, address, and email are all vital contact information necessary for easy communication.
  • Inform us of all the facts regarding your case.
  • Taking the above action will help our firm bring your case to a close with the best outcome possible.


  • Some people are so badly injured in car accidents, they lose the mobility necessary to work and make money.
  • Sometimes, those that have been injured fall behind on rent or cannot pay their bills.
  • In cases such as these, our firm maintains excellent relationships with a network of case finance companies who can provide cash advances to clients depending on the circumstances of their case.
  • In the unfortunate situation where you cannot pay your bills, please contact your case manager to determine if an advance is right for you.